Peter Bybee, Investec. “Wow! What a book. Your book really can change lives.”

Andre Rademan, Founder, Bizcommunity “This book is different to all the others out there, you seem to have become the global expert in “courage”!”

Elan Lohmann, Founder, Sleek Geek: “I shed a tear and was overcome with happy emotion this weekend when I read Marie’s letter.

My elderly aunt:I have just opened the book and started reading it. I think you are the bravest person ever (*blush*) The thought that came into my mind after reading just the intro was Simon has the communication skills of his Dad and the industry of his Mum.”

David Murray-Smith, Client Director, Investec Asset Management: “I started and finished “The Art if Courage” yesterday and absolutely loved it. Si – your book is inspiring and challenging and will change the life of anyone who is fortunate enough to read it. Thank you for sharing your stories and anecdotes.” 

Senzokuhle Ngcobo, student: For the very first time in a long time I read a book within two days of getting it, which means you did something different that caught. The books that I have read have nothing compared to yours. What I love most is that you telling us about the problems you have encountered instead of acting that everything was “picture perfect ” Si, you have really inspired me to take charge in my life and it has brought back the spark I had when my friends and I had the idea to start an ubuntu club at school and the unity we wanted between us.”

Jeremy Cranna, Educator at Blouberg Ridge Primary School and chairperson of the Atlantic Branch of the National Professional Teachers’ Organisation of South Africa (NAPTOSA): “I recently read your book The Art of Courageand have taken one minute-long cold showers in the morning ever since … and have survived thus far! Talk about practising the art of getting out of one’s comfort zone on a daily basis! On a more serious note, though, congratulations on a most informative and entertaining work! Your easy-to-read; yet book with a significant and motivating message was really time-well-spent reading. Thanks for having the courage to write the book and the commitment and perseverance to complete it!”

James Cunningham, Businessman and eternal student: “I hate myths. Popular culture would have us believe that courage comes  from the barrel of a gun.  In Australia, ANZAC day has become a cult festival of courage in combat. Young Australians are indoctrinated into believing that combat is the only way to uncover the courage within.  Ironically, cause is not so important. Even if their lives are thrown away, as at Gallipoli or Vietnam, in some way combat reveals  the “true” Australian, even in death. 

The British take is slightly different. There,  courage is burnished through intense Twistleton- Wykeham- Fiennesian  physical effort and deprivation  which is not necessarily combat based.  All over, the quest for courage has become so dangerously macho that only a lunatic few make the attempt and women are, in general, completely turned off.  I am delighted that Simon Ekin has de-bunked this nonsense. In his beautifully lucid book “The Art of Courage”, Simon shows that anyone can be lion hearted  through managing fear and exposing the core of who they are.  I was captivated  and would suggest that “The Art of Courage” be made required reading for all teenagers. That way they won’t have to wait as long as I have to  start their education.”

Dave Romero, CEO, Caban Investments, Cape Town: I have just started reading The Art of Courage. I was able to focus for two hours non stop during my flight. I get touched by people that make a difference in people’s lives. The book reflects Simon’s work and the impact that it has on people. Simon, we need more people like you. Thank you so much for writing such an awesome book. The stories touched me and inspired me in making a difference. I don’t know if I’m ready to do the impromptu talks you do yet, but I’m getting there!”